Sunday, March 24, 2013

April program: Psychic Ills, Sightings and Sun Araw!

Three shows in April that we have been looking forward to since a long time!

Poster by Vasco Valentim 

Psychic Ills (Sacred Bones/US)
8th of April, Heliogabal, Barcelona
Co-produced with To Be Confirmed

Psychic Ills have been around already for quite some time making psychedelic music. Their psychedelia by far predates most of the stuff that is circulating now, And that can be noted, they have a very mature sound and seem to have found a perfectionized sound on their last two excellent records released on sacred bones (Hazed Dream and One Track Mind). This show therewith promises to be far better than any other psychedelic show around, and the opportunity to see them in Barcelona, and in such a small and intimate place as Heliogabal is not one that you are likely to get again. It is the first time they play Barcelona in their decently long career. 

Poster by Vasco Valentim 

Sightings (Dais Records/US) + Vida (BCN)
16th of April, Rocksound, Barcelona
Co-produced with Colectivo Detakon and Lucia Holubnik

We are very proud to present the return of one of the most important cult bands when it comes to experimental noise: Sightings. It has been 9 years since Sightings visited Barcelona, and in the meantime they released many amazing and very high quality records. Sightings is real experimental music. Having Tropa Macaca a few months ago was likely the closest we had to this, being amazed by the sounds they produce and put into a coherent whole. Just that this time it are the masters of the game that will be doing it. That can just be really, really good. Similar to Harry Pussy they are one of the biggest names in the noise scene, and will have a new record out on the 1st of April called Terribly Well, and the advances of that record sound good, very good. 

Sun Araw (Drag City/US) + Ocellot (BCN) + Sun Color (BCN)
21st of April, Sala Upload, Barcelona
Co-Produced with A Viva Veu

Sun Araw has become an icon of the underground electronic psychedelia scene after topping the lists of best records of the year two times in a row. In 2011 his record Ancient Romans made many more people realize how good this guy is in making you feel good and relaxed. Last year, it was the incredible cooperation of him and M. Geddes Gengras with nobody less than the Congos that took everything to a whole other level. Psychedelic, electronic reggae. It has been some time since he played Barcelona, and all this has happened in between. We can't wait to see how the creme de la creme of the scene will look like live. 

Crown Shell
Sun Araw & the Congos

Poster by Vanessa Millet

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