Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our first shows of 2013: Tropa Macaca + Manta, Norberto Lobo + Gunthi, and Ensemble Economique + Sun Color!

To start the new year well, we hereby announce our next three shows with which we will kick off the season, and it is going to be a great one! We have some exciting new acts which we were finally able to book, and we will repeat some gigs that have been great before.

There will be a night of portuguese electronic psychedelia, the 19th of January in Miscelanea, with Tropa Macaca and Manta. The saturday after that (the 26th) we will repeat the wonderful acoustic gig of Norberto Lobo in the Centro Gallego, can't be missed! Gunthi will be the opener. On the first saturday of february (the 2nd) we will have Ensemble Economique again who had and will have some great new releases after we had him here last time. The opening act will be Sun Color. 

Tropa Macaca (Software Records/Siltbreeze, PT) 
+ Manta (Marvellous Tone, PT)
19th of January, Miscelanea

                              Tropa Macaca
Tropa Macaca (Software Records/Siltbreeze/PT) + Manta (Marvellous Tone/PT)
We start the year with what is probably the most exciting psychedelic electronic act from Portugal. Of course we have a good eye on what is going on in the Portuguese scene, but in this case I heard about Tropa Macaca also through people in Barcelona. In Europe it is hard to make it to the international circuit, but bands that do are normally really worth it. Just so is the case with Tropa Macaca. Their music is definitely weird but musically interesting too, a nice and rare combo. 

Choosing an opening act was really easy this time. We had Manta presenting his latest record last year in one of our shows, and would love to hear it presented to us in its matured version. His music and visuals have already provided the perfect setting for some our shows in Miscelanea and it will be so this time too. 

Norberto Lobo (Mbari, PT) + Gunthi (BCN)
26th of January, Centro Gallego

   Co-produced with byNicho

Norberto Lobo
In 2011 we had Norberto in our first and, so far, only show in Centro Gallego. A very special show in many ways. The setting of Centro Gallego is great for acoustic gigs. They normally have traditional Galician concerts there. And seeing one of the best European acoustic guitarists there.. Not only is Norberto a renowned guitar player having played all over the world, he mixes more known guitar virtuosity a la John Fahey with enchanting fado elements from his home country. An acoustic show cannot get much better than this. Listen to his recently released Mel Azul if you need to be convinced. 

One of the amazed spectators in the Norberto Lobo gig was Gunthi, Goncalo, with whom we produce this show. After Norberto's show he told us about his own music. When we decided to put the show together, we remembered listening to his music. We were convinced he had to open this show. Gunthi's music is guitar-based too, but processed using many effects that create a layered soundscape that will fascinate.

Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun/Dekorder/US) + Sun Color (BCN)

2nd of February, Miscelanea, 6 euros

                       Ensemble Economique
Ensemble Economique is Brian Pyle. The great thing about Brian is that he moves really really fast and ahead of many trends. His record Psychical on Not Not Fun, had ideas that made many of the following releases on that label big. His LP Crossing the Pass by Torchlight pre-dated most of the mysterious soundscape records that one can find now, the only difference being that we still keep putting on Brian's records while many others start to bore. Since we had him last time in BCN he released a great split with Lee Noble and I think he told us he had another full LP coming up soon. His last show had, all of a sudden, vocals. And we are looking forward to find out where he is heading towards this time, since much of other music will do so too afterwards. 

Sun Color
Having Sun Color opening one of our shows has become a long-term wish of us. After our Bill Orcutt show got cancelled, we were also sad about not havin seen Sun Color play. This time we finally hope to succeed, and it will be worth it. Sun Color is one of the most exciting acts to emerge from our local scene. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Former Selves (US) + Lace Bows (Sunflare/PT) + Manta (BCN) in Miscelanea 11th of November


    Poster by Vasco Valentim

We prepared a night made to fascinate for Sunday the 11th in Miscelanea, Barcelona. The night will enjoy the music of one of our discoveries of the year Former Selves, our favorite Portuguese soundscape master Lace Bows, and the first live presentation of the new album of our local Manta! 

Former Selves (Hooker Vision/Rotifer/Bridgetown, USFormer Selves is Paul Skomsvold from San Francisco and makes expressively layered themes that instantly catch you and guide you trough deep textures and innovative sounds. We've heard from the artists of the San Francisco scene that his show is great and not just the music, but his visuals are amazing too, which will of course be on display on the great white wall in Miscelanea.

Lace Bows (Digitalis/Wasser Bassim/Hooker Vision, PT)
When listening to Lace Bows you start to realize why Sunflare is such a good band, it is not just noise, it is very well constructed. While being part of the hyperloud and energetic act from Portugal, Lace Bows is a much more quiet project. His music is one to dream away with too, and we have done so before when we organized our little festival mini-mercado festival in Aveiro. Looking forward to see this again!

Manta (BCN) 
Another project we have on repeat is Manuel Carvalho's Manta, and for good reasons. He will present the music of his new album first time live, so only for that reason already not to be missed. Besides the great music, his last show in Miscelanea was memorable for the great visuals. All in all this night will see three great artists in a perfect setting. Not to be missed!

Monday, October 15, 2012



Here is the poster for our next gig.
We are putting up the show with our friends of A Viva Veu and this time the poster was made by Clara Iris.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OCOTBER: CAVE // Steve Gunn + Ocellot // Barn Owl + White Hills

This October will be filled with three amazing nights. We start with CAVE in Heliogabal, probably one of the best live shows of the year. The 13th of October we have Steve Gunn and Ocellot in Miscelanea to start the autumn properly with acoustic guitars. We finish this month's program with a night that has Barn Owl and White Hills on the lineup for a show in Sidecar.

CAVE (Drag City/US)
9th of October, Heliogabal, Barcelona, 8€

Bild von Cave
CAVE is the best krautrock band of our generation. There are very few people who dispute that. Especially those who saw CAVE in La 2 a few years ago, or those who went to see Bitchin Bajas (a side project) in our cycle last year will agree. This show organized together with To Be Confirmed, might well be best live show of the year in Barcelona. On their records you can hear how good their music is, and they have the reputation to be a fantastic live band. We are really looking forward to this night. 

Steve Gunn (Three Lobed Recordings/US) + Ocellot (BCN) 
13th of October, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 6€

Steve Gunn
Steve Gunn is not just yet another acoustic guitarist playing Miscelanea. Compared to the others he does not just play the guitar very well, he also writes very nice songs. The songs of the Canadian artist are experimental blues-guitar oriented, listen to some of the songs posted below to decide yourself that this is a gig not to be missed!

We are very happy to have Ocellot preparing a special set for their opening show for Steve Gunn. Their music can probably be described best by layered psychedlic folk. There is a lot of interesting stuff going on in their songs, mostly stuff that will make you dream or smile. it will be a great experience to see them bringing dreams and smiles to you in Miscelanea in October!

Barn Owl (Thrill Jockey/US)  + White Hills (Thrill Jockey/US) 
23th of October, Sidecar, Barcelona, 14€/16€

Barn Owl
This night produced with A Viva Veu starts out with some nice deep doom. Probably being the best show of Primavera Club 2011, Barn Owl will not dissapoint. Their last record 'Lost in the Glare' on Thrill Jockey shows how full their sound is and seeing this live will for sure be impressive. For all those people who missed their show in Primavera Club, this is an unique opportunity to see them again, and those who did see them will for sure come again. 

White Hills 
After the doom and drone of Barn Owl, the night will explode with a gig of White Hills. While staying in the dark regions of music, White HIlls will give a psychedelic space rock gig which forms part of their first ever tour in Spain. Given that they are among the most exciting live acts from NYC with bands such as LIars, Black Dice and Oneida, the nigth will come to a good end for sure. Just check the video.

Friday, September 14, 2012


There is a last minute change for our next gig. Sunflare will play Rocksound instead of Bunker.
Price and shedule is still the same. 21h and 6 euros ticket.

Their tour already started and there are two more dates in Spain besides Barcelona: Madrid and Pontevedra.
There are also some nice shows like today with The Telescopes,  Incubate Festival or at Grrrnd Zero with Black Dice!
Check out full itenerary:

Ghetto Blast Tour
12/09 - Caen @ L'ubu Café
13/09 - Amiens @ Accueil Froid
14/09 - Brussels @ Le Bunker
15/09 - Groningen @ Orkzbar
16/09 - Tilburg @ Incubate Festival
17/09 - Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero
18/09 - Paris @ La Cantine de Belleville
19/09 - Barcelona @ Rocksound
20/09 - Madrid @ The Space Cadet
21/09 - Pontevedra @ Liceo Mutante

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bill Orcutt + Sun Color cancelled

We're very sorry to announce that the show of Bill Orcutt and Sun Color of today got cancelled.. Bill couldn't take the flight due to the storms in the U.S. We apologize for any trouble caused by this and hopefully we manage to get him to Barcelona other day soon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cam Deas + Summer Recreation Camp canceled

Unfortunately Cam Deas has canceled his Iberian tour. We therefore are sorry to announce that we will have to cancel his show with Summer Recreation Camp in Miscelanea the 15th of September. Let's hope we will be able to see both acts some other time soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our post-summer program: Bill Orcutt, Mi Ami, Cam Deas, Sunflare & Steve Gunn

During summer time we don't have gigs planned, but in September we will be back with a set of concerts that we are very proud to present. We have several amazing experimental guitarists coming over, Bill Orcutt (!) Cam Deas and Steve Gunn; are happy to welcome Sunflare to Barcelona once again; and will witness the Barcelona debut of former noisepunks and current 100% SILK stars Mi Ami. Below you find the dates and info on each of the acts. 

Bill Orcutt (Palilalia/US) + Sun Color (ES)
10th of September, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 7 €
Bill Orcutt  
"No one is playing acoustic guitar like Bill Orcutt right now. No one. The former guitarist for Miami noise rock band Harry P---- isn't out to deconstruct the blues, nor is he making an anti-music statement. How the Things Sing buzzes and jigsaws in and out of a crappy Kay guitar stripped to four strings in a way that'd make Derek Bailey do a double-take, but it also gives these blown-out improvisations pause to reflect. The guitar has been given its warning." A quote by NPR, after having chosen his last record "How the Things Sing" as the third best outer sound album of 2011. Bill Orcutt, more known as the guitarist of Harry Pussy is a veteran in the underground scene, a truly big name, playing here in the great intimate setting of Miscelanea, an unique opportunity. 

Sun Color
We are very happy to have Sun Color to open for Bill Orcutt, we have been planning for quite some time to have them play one of our shows and we finally managed. They are one of the most interesting projects emerging in the Barcelona scene right now, and also big fans of Bill Orcutt! You can listen here to why that is the case:
Sun Color Bandcamp


Mi Ami (100% Silk/US) + Mistakes Are Ok (Hivern Discs/ES)
12th of September, Sala BeCool, Barcelona, 9/12 € 

Mi Ami
Mi Ami used to be punks that made noise with guitars, now they are still punks, but make smooth electronic music to dance too. Before this transformation Mi Ami had always been relatively danceable for a punk band due to their very tribal rhythms, so even though the transition towards electronic music seems radical, it was the right step to make people dance. They are the flagship of the 100% Silk label and come over to Barcelona for the first time to present their excellent latest record Decade. Mi Ami are now a duo, Daniel Martin-Mccormik and Damon Palermo, also known by their own projects, ITAL and Magic Touch, respectively.

Mistakes Are Ok
Mistakes are Ok has released an excellent remix album on Barcelona's Hivern Discs label and will soon release an album on the label. Being one of the most promising projects in the electronic scene, it will be great to see him live in September!
Mistakes Are Ok Soundcloud


Cam Deas (Blackes Rainbow Records/UK) + Summer Recreation Camp (Foehn/ES)
15th of September, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 5 €

Cam Deas
To welcome the autumn we will bring over Cam Deas, an acoustic guitarist virtuoso from England. Cam Deas knows both how to beautifully enchant and to generate curiosity by his innovative guitar playing style that varies from wonderful finger-picking to guitar-bashing. His live performances are always worth it, and especially seated in Miscelanea, you won't regret that autumn has started. 

Summer Recreation Camp
We have Cristian Subira's solo project on repeat. After his excellent show supporting Lucky Dragons, we are very happy to have him play again in Miscelanea to present his latest material. He will soon release a new record on HEM Berlin. Listen to some new material on the link below.
Summer Recreation Camp Bandcamp


Sunflare (Cubic Pyramid/PT) + Lord Summerisle (ES)
19th of September, Bunker, Barcelona, 6

There are some bands that we book without hesitating one second. Sunflare is one of the few, and each time we bring them we look forward more. Sunflare make psychedelic noise reminding bands as Mainliner or Comets on Fire, and their live shows are the most impressive ones we provide. The band combines intensity with virtuosity in a manner almost beyond comprehension, calling attention of many labels and bookers. Their next 12" called Ghetto Blast was just released on Bat Shit records. Supported by a small European tour including Incubate Festival.

Lord Summerisle
New rock-trio from Barcelona. You can see here influences of Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Pentagram or more progressive stuff like King Crimson, or Circle (saving distances). This is how they jam!


Steve Gunn (Three Lobed Recordings/US) + TBA 
13th of October, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 6€

Steve Gunn
Steve Gunn is not just yet another acoustic guitarist playing Miscelanea. Compared to the others he does not just play the guitar very well, he also writes very nice songs. The songs of the Canadian artist are experimental blues-guitar oriented, listen to some of the songs posted below to confirm for yourself that this is a gig not to be missed!

Thursday, July 5, 2012



I'm really sorry for the lack of information of our next gig!
We've been quite busy with our daily-job and also working for the next season.

Anyway, today, the awesome label AMDISCS will land in Barcelona and offer us 3 acts.
We're putting up the gig with Relampago. Tickets are 6 euros and it starts at 20h sharp. Seems will be a summer rainy day in Barcelona, so Miscelanea will be your perfect shelter for today.

See you later!

Golden Axe

Horse Head


Thursday, May 17, 2012


In cooperation with Cristian Subirà we are very proud to present three amazing acts taking place in Miscelanea next week. On top of the bill are Lucky Dragons (Marriage/US) a band who most of you will know already, including their reputation for creating unforgettable live shows in which they involve the public. They will be supported by, on the one hand a cooperation between Sunny Graves (Jahbitat/Narhwal/BCN) & IVDB (US), and, on the other hand, Summer Recreation Camp (Foehn/Narwhal/BCN). 

8 euros / starts at 20h, sharp!

Poster by  Vasco Valentim -

Lucky Dragons

Lucky Dragons do not only make great records, they also make great live shows. Their music consists of carefully constructed layers that merge into beautiful atmospheres. Normally this doesn't really guarantee very exciting live shows. But nothing is less true for Lucky Dragon shows. In many of their shows they involve the public into the performance, often resulting in a collective party.

Sunny Graves & IVDB 

This act will be an exclusive cooperation by Simon Williams and Ivy Barkakati who both amazed us on earlier shows already. Sunny Graves is the new solo project of Simon Williams, his first show in Barcelona in Apolo was a great succes. Ivy also debuted in the scene the same night as one part of the band Vactor, and enchanted the public with her synths and beats. The combination of the two provides us something to look forward too.

Summer Recreation Camp

Summer Recreation Camp is the solo project of Cristian Subirà, one half of the barcelonese duo Narwhal.
He just released a great new record called Cosmic Holiday (see link below) which is exactly what listening
to his music is. With samples and processed guitar he will take you on a trip out there you don't wanna miss
out on.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paleo (US) + Will Stratton (US) in Miscelanea, Barcelona, the 10th of May

Oh yes, this gig is going to be like enjoying a good whiskey. In a few weeks time two very exciting upcoming songwriters from the US will fly over to Barcelona to make us enjoy their guitar virtuosity and songwriting skills while seated nicely in Miscelanea. The 10th of May will bring us Will Stratton and Paleo. Check out the songs below to convince yourself!

Will Stratton


Will Stratton is just 25 but has 4 studio albums. His first was recorded while in high school and had Sufjan Stevens playing on it. Will Stratton combines guitar virtuosity with excellent songwriting skills, a la Mark Kozelek, a combination rarely seen. On his latest record Post-Empire, released March 2012 he expands by adding a raw sound which comes closest to Kurt Vile. This is one of the gigs where it will be hard to choose between being amazed by his guitar playing or by the beauty of the song-writing.

POPMATTERS: "..a young, budding musical talent who releases an album that exhibits a maturity that's light years ahead of half the independent artists working today."

PALEO PIC 1Paleo has been living in a car over the past few years, mostly travelling around the U.S. He played over 800 shows in a few years time. Daytrotter has seen him so many times and enjoyed his music to the extent of crowning him as their "poet laureate". His latest record "Fruit of the Spirit" on Partisan Records (Deer Tick / Holy Suns) reveals the authenticity and experience in making music that comes with a nomad way of living nowadays.

POPMATTERS: "This is one homeless man you might want to give a second glance."
TINY MIXTAPES: "Artists this prolific make me think of the kid at the end of Stephen King’s 1981 short story 'The Jaunt': technically young, but infinitely old in the ways that count."

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ciclo Sidewalk in Miscelanea! Bitchin Bajas, Lucrecia Dalt, Ensemble Economique, Bradien and Umberto!!!

The last months we have been preparing a little series of nights in Miscelanea. In the tradition of small and intimate concerts in Miscelanea, we can confirm 5 artists divided over three nights that are going to prepare this recipe with perfection! Get yourself a ticket for the whole series for 12 euros, or buy individual tickets for your preferred night for 6 euros.

Friday 6th of April: Bitchin Bajas (Important Records/CAVE/USA) + Lucrecia Dalt (BCN)
The first night will see a side-project of two members of the awesome krautrock band CAVE: Bitchin' Bajas. The songs of their last record 'Water Wrackets' are called Water 1, Water 2, Water 3, Water 4, Water 1 (reprise) and Water 2 (reprise). This might seem boring at first, but Bitchin Bajas show with their analogue synths and organs how interesting and exciting repetition and getting deeper into the structures of sounds can be. Psychedelic music in its full power.

The night will be opened by Lucrecia Dalt a Colombian artist residing in Barcelona. She released the amazing record Congost in 2011, that you just keep putting back on. Her live shows make the old barrier between studio and stage fade away.  With her voice and expanding the register of her bass with many electronic artefacts she creates enveloping mental states and ambiences that will surely enchant the audience next friday!

Wednesday 11th of April: Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun/USA) + Bradien (BCN)
The last record of Ensemble Economique on Not Not Fun directly catches you. His music has mystery all over it, while at the same time not compromising on the quality of the music. It is refreshing with so many acts that try to create mystery by aestethics, to find one that manages to achieve that by just making music. Maybe his music is summarized best by the name of one of his songs: "To Feel The Night As It Really Is"

Bradien was the first live show one of us saw in Barcelona. The show consisted of instrumental music a la Yo La Tengo that makes you smile and appreciate live instrumental music again. It will be great to relive this feeling again in two weeks time. Bradien collaborated with Bill Wells, John Giorno and are now having a side-proyect with the catalan poet Eduard Escoffet.

Friday 13th of April: Umberto (Not Not Fun/USA)
Umberto makes music that sounds like horror-movie soundtracks. The good thing is that his music undoubfully has groove and depth by incorporating krautrock and drone elements into his songs. His label Not Not Fun everybody knows by now, and everybody should know Umberto, who seems to become one of the most succesful artists of the label.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello!! Two outstanding artists are coming to Spain next month!
Umberto and Ensemble Economique are playing Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia!
Check dates below. More info for the Barcelona gigs soon!

Umberto (Not Not Fun/Sonic Meditations/US) -
10.04 - La Residencia, Valencia (+ Ensemble Economique)
11.04 - Nasti, Madrid (+ Reserva Espiritual de Occidente)
13.04 - Miscelanea, Barcelona

Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun/Dekorder/US) -
10.04 - La Residencia, Valencia (+ Umberto)
11.04 - Miscelanea, Barcelona (+ Bradien)
12.04 - Nasti, Madrid

Thursday, March 15, 2012


We already have the poster!
Thanks so much Vasco -

Also, tickets are finally available for pre-sale.
You can buy it in Discos Paradiso (c/ Ferlandia, 39) or via web in Codetickets!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gala Drop (Golfchannel) + Sunny Graves live (Narwhal/Jahbitat) + Vactor live (Arnau Sala/IVDB) + DJ Gonzo (DNA Club) in La 2 de Apolo, 28th of March

We proudly present a night in La 2 de Apolo, Barcelona, with some amazing acts from the Iberian peninsula: Gala Drop, Sunny Graves and Vactor. On top of that DJ Gonzo (D.N.A. club) will make the time between the gigs more than enjoyable. It will be a combination of an act that has proven itself the last years in Barcelona, Gala Drop, and the first live shows of two new projects by people that have proven themselves very much in the local scene, Sunny Graves and Vactor. It will be a very danceable night that we are very much looking forward to!

Tickets will be 7 euros in pre-sale or 9 euros at the door.
You can buy them in Discos Paradiso (Calle Ferlandina, 9) or online in Codetickets

Facebook event

Gala Drop was one of the revelations of the last edition of Primavera Club, and delivered a very danceable show in MOOG the last time we brought them to Barcelona. Since their performance in Primavera Club they recorded a record together with Ben Chasny of Six Organs Admittance, making the material they present even better. See the link below for a taste of the record that will be released at the end of the Month.

Sunny Graves is the new solo project of Simon Williams. Simon has been very active in the local music scene first as Jahbitat and later also as one half of the band NARWHAL together with Cristian Subirà (Summer Recreation Camp). This show will be the first live show of Sunny Graves in Barcelona, which given the quality of his earlier projects is a must see. Check out some recordings below:

Vactor is a project of Ivy and Arnau Sala (Les Aus/Béstia Ferida) who met each other in 2011, sparking a collaboration between the two. The proyect merges influences of both, synths shocking with surreal beats, where the hiss of tape and saturation embrace repetitive melodies. Their first demo has been recorded in time spent jointly, but mostly isolated from the rest of the world in Maryland.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Great gigs, nice people, lots of fun.. here are some pictures of Mini-Mercado, last weekend in Aveiro, Portugal.

All credits: Miguel Estima

Thursday, January 26, 2012


We're really glad to annunce that SUNFLARE will come to Barcelona again! They will play on the next 13 of February in Cafe da Madeira (Via Laeitana, 6). The gig will be part of a small European Tour to promote their new record 'Ghetto Blast'.
The local band Isards is also playing. They're part of Colectivo Detakon, some of the most active people around! Check them out here.

For the ones that don't know SUNFLARE, you can listen to some killer tunes in their myspace.

Sunflare describe themselves as: "Sonic attack trio. Music that rises from spontaneous collective energy and heavy-fuzz blown out rock and roll". Check out some lines they got in press last year:

Altered Zones: "This adrenaline-inducing rager, "Gravity Free," will have your neck aching after some serious headbanging"

Foxy Digitalis: "the loudest record this year, a testament to all scorching, squalling and squeling noise ever recorded"

Julian Cope presents Head Heritage: "this 12" EP seeps into your wall and engages the entire enviroment to such an extent that even the silent at song's end seems 'too loud'"

Dusted Magazine: "Red-hot, blown out high speed scene blooz choogle, comparable to High Rise, out of this Portuguese ensemble."

I must say they sound fucking great live. Check this small video:

Monday, January 16, 2012