Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our first shows of 2013: Tropa Macaca + Manta, Norberto Lobo + Gunthi, and Ensemble Economique + Sun Color!

To start the new year well, we hereby announce our next three shows with which we will kick off the season, and it is going to be a great one! We have some exciting new acts which we were finally able to book, and we will repeat some gigs that have been great before.

There will be a night of portuguese electronic psychedelia, the 19th of January in Miscelanea, with Tropa Macaca and Manta. The saturday after that (the 26th) we will repeat the wonderful acoustic gig of Norberto Lobo in the Centro Gallego, can't be missed! Gunthi will be the opener. On the first saturday of february (the 2nd) we will have Ensemble Economique again who had and will have some great new releases after we had him here last time. The opening act will be Sun Color. 

Tropa Macaca (Software Records/Siltbreeze, PT) 
+ Manta (Marvellous Tone, PT)
19th of January, Miscelanea

                              Tropa Macaca
Tropa Macaca (Software Records/Siltbreeze/PT) + Manta (Marvellous Tone/PT)
We start the year with what is probably the most exciting psychedelic electronic act from Portugal. Of course we have a good eye on what is going on in the Portuguese scene, but in this case I heard about Tropa Macaca also through people in Barcelona. In Europe it is hard to make it to the international circuit, but bands that do are normally really worth it. Just so is the case with Tropa Macaca. Their music is definitely weird but musically interesting too, a nice and rare combo. 

Choosing an opening act was really easy this time. We had Manta presenting his latest record last year in one of our shows, and would love to hear it presented to us in its matured version. His music and visuals have already provided the perfect setting for some our shows in Miscelanea and it will be so this time too. 

Norberto Lobo (Mbari, PT) + Gunthi (BCN)
26th of January, Centro Gallego

   Co-produced with byNicho

Norberto Lobo
In 2011 we had Norberto in our first and, so far, only show in Centro Gallego. A very special show in many ways. The setting of Centro Gallego is great for acoustic gigs. They normally have traditional Galician concerts there. And seeing one of the best European acoustic guitarists there.. Not only is Norberto a renowned guitar player having played all over the world, he mixes more known guitar virtuosity a la John Fahey with enchanting fado elements from his home country. An acoustic show cannot get much better than this. Listen to his recently released Mel Azul if you need to be convinced. 

One of the amazed spectators in the Norberto Lobo gig was Gunthi, Goncalo, with whom we produce this show. After Norberto's show he told us about his own music. When we decided to put the show together, we remembered listening to his music. We were convinced he had to open this show. Gunthi's music is guitar-based too, but processed using many effects that create a layered soundscape that will fascinate.

Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun/Dekorder/US) + Sun Color (BCN)

2nd of February, Miscelanea, 6 euros

                       Ensemble Economique
Ensemble Economique is Brian Pyle. The great thing about Brian is that he moves really really fast and ahead of many trends. His record Psychical on Not Not Fun, had ideas that made many of the following releases on that label big. His LP Crossing the Pass by Torchlight pre-dated most of the mysterious soundscape records that one can find now, the only difference being that we still keep putting on Brian's records while many others start to bore. Since we had him last time in BCN he released a great split with Lee Noble and I think he told us he had another full LP coming up soon. His last show had, all of a sudden, vocals. And we are looking forward to find out where he is heading towards this time, since much of other music will do so too afterwards. 

Sun Color
Having Sun Color opening one of our shows has become a long-term wish of us. After our Bill Orcutt show got cancelled, we were also sad about not havin seen Sun Color play. This time we finally hope to succeed, and it will be worth it. Sun Color is one of the most exciting acts to emerge from our local scene.