Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paleo (US) + Will Stratton (US) in Miscelanea, Barcelona, the 10th of May

Oh yes, this gig is going to be like enjoying a good whiskey. In a few weeks time two very exciting upcoming songwriters from the US will fly over to Barcelona to make us enjoy their guitar virtuosity and songwriting skills while seated nicely in Miscelanea. The 10th of May will bring us Will Stratton and Paleo. Check out the songs below to convince yourself!

Will Stratton


Will Stratton is just 25 but has 4 studio albums. His first was recorded while in high school and had Sufjan Stevens playing on it. Will Stratton combines guitar virtuosity with excellent songwriting skills, a la Mark Kozelek, a combination rarely seen. On his latest record Post-Empire, released March 2012 he expands by adding a raw sound which comes closest to Kurt Vile. This is one of the gigs where it will be hard to choose between being amazed by his guitar playing or by the beauty of the song-writing.

POPMATTERS: "..a young, budding musical talent who releases an album that exhibits a maturity that's light years ahead of half the independent artists working today."

PALEO PIC 1Paleo has been living in a car over the past few years, mostly travelling around the U.S. He played over 800 shows in a few years time. Daytrotter has seen him so many times and enjoyed his music to the extent of crowning him as their "poet laureate". His latest record "Fruit of the Spirit" on Partisan Records (Deer Tick / Holy Suns) reveals the authenticity and experience in making music that comes with a nomad way of living nowadays.

POPMATTERS: "This is one homeless man you might want to give a second glance."
TINY MIXTAPES: "Artists this prolific make me think of the kid at the end of Stephen King’s 1981 short story 'The Jaunt': technically young, but infinitely old in the ways that count."

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