Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tyvek @ La [2] de Apolo, Barcelona, 19th of February 2011

We are really glad to announce to be booking a gig for Detroit city’s garage punk rockers Tyvek in Barcelona. 

With a handful of releases on such essential labels as Siltbreeze, What’s your rupture? and Sub Pop, Tyvek have now made their way to the most crucial rock n roll label in existence, In the Red Records, with their latest outing “Nothing fits”. A record that might get them the recognition they so well deserve and make their studio music closer to their widely renowned savage live shows, whose reputation is well established in America and within the very selected crowds in Europe who were lucky to witness them in 2009.

The Tyvek show will be part of the Nitsa Club night in which also will perform the Catalan rock 'n roll band Els Surfing Sirles. Their latest record was called "LP" and they just released a split EP with Mujeres called "Eix Transversal" (both released by Bankrobber).

Els Surfing Sirles

Check out the pitchfork reviews for Tyvek's records:
Tyvek - Tyvek [Siltbreeze, 2009]
Tyvek - Nothing Fits [In The Red, 2010]

Last record's opening song:

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