Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hello everyone! Happy new year
We will start 2014 putting some shows for Street Gnar. He will be around Portugal and Spain in early February. Come and say hi!

With little more than a drum machine, muffled vocals and his guitar twang, Kentucky's finest Street Gnar has crafted a couple of EPs on Night People, Burger Records and Atelier Ciseaux earning massive reviews and applause from the blogssphere and online magazines. Case Mahan is the man behind Street Gnar's beautiful late summer - songs, sun-kissed & upbeat slacker pop hymns layered with a darker, at times almost mystical, psychedelia that moves it to a realm beyond your everyday, dime-a-dozen lo-fi surf-garage ditties.

07/02 - Lounge, Lisboa, PT
08/02 - Casa Azul, Barcelos, PT

09/02 - Juno, Braga, PT
10/02 - Casa Tomada, A Coruña, SP
11/02 - Lata de Zinc, Oviedo, SP
12/02 - Siroco Lounge, Madrid, SP
13/02 - Jendrix, Alicante, SP
14/02 - Dune, Valls (Tarragona), SP
15/02 - Miscelanea, Barcelona, SP

22/02 - Canhoto, Porto, PT
23/02 - Central Pub, Bragança, PT
24/02 - Club de Vila-Real, Vila-Real, PT