Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our post-summer program: Bill Orcutt, Mi Ami, Cam Deas, Sunflare & Steve Gunn

During summer time we don't have gigs planned, but in September we will be back with a set of concerts that we are very proud to present. We have several amazing experimental guitarists coming over, Bill Orcutt (!) Cam Deas and Steve Gunn; are happy to welcome Sunflare to Barcelona once again; and will witness the Barcelona debut of former noisepunks and current 100% SILK stars Mi Ami. Below you find the dates and info on each of the acts. 

Bill Orcutt (Palilalia/US) + Sun Color (ES)
10th of September, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 7 €
Bill Orcutt  
"No one is playing acoustic guitar like Bill Orcutt right now. No one. The former guitarist for Miami noise rock band Harry P---- isn't out to deconstruct the blues, nor is he making an anti-music statement. How the Things Sing buzzes and jigsaws in and out of a crappy Kay guitar stripped to four strings in a way that'd make Derek Bailey do a double-take, but it also gives these blown-out improvisations pause to reflect. The guitar has been given its warning." A quote by NPR, after having chosen his last record "How the Things Sing" as the third best outer sound album of 2011. Bill Orcutt, more known as the guitarist of Harry Pussy is a veteran in the underground scene, a truly big name, playing here in the great intimate setting of Miscelanea, an unique opportunity. 

Sun Color
We are very happy to have Sun Color to open for Bill Orcutt, we have been planning for quite some time to have them play one of our shows and we finally managed. They are one of the most interesting projects emerging in the Barcelona scene right now, and also big fans of Bill Orcutt! You can listen here to why that is the case:
Sun Color Bandcamp


Mi Ami (100% Silk/US) + Mistakes Are Ok (Hivern Discs/ES)
12th of September, Sala BeCool, Barcelona, 9/12 € 

Mi Ami
Mi Ami used to be punks that made noise with guitars, now they are still punks, but make smooth electronic music to dance too. Before this transformation Mi Ami had always been relatively danceable for a punk band due to their very tribal rhythms, so even though the transition towards electronic music seems radical, it was the right step to make people dance. They are the flagship of the 100% Silk label and come over to Barcelona for the first time to present their excellent latest record Decade. Mi Ami are now a duo, Daniel Martin-Mccormik and Damon Palermo, also known by their own projects, ITAL and Magic Touch, respectively.

Mistakes Are Ok
Mistakes are Ok has released an excellent remix album on Barcelona's Hivern Discs label and will soon release an album on the label. Being one of the most promising projects in the electronic scene, it will be great to see him live in September!
Mistakes Are Ok Soundcloud


Cam Deas (Blackes Rainbow Records/UK) + Summer Recreation Camp (Foehn/ES)
15th of September, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 5 €

Cam Deas
To welcome the autumn we will bring over Cam Deas, an acoustic guitarist virtuoso from England. Cam Deas knows both how to beautifully enchant and to generate curiosity by his innovative guitar playing style that varies from wonderful finger-picking to guitar-bashing. His live performances are always worth it, and especially seated in Miscelanea, you won't regret that autumn has started. 

Summer Recreation Camp
We have Cristian Subira's solo project on repeat. After his excellent show supporting Lucky Dragons, we are very happy to have him play again in Miscelanea to present his latest material. He will soon release a new record on HEM Berlin. Listen to some new material on the link below.
Summer Recreation Camp Bandcamp


Sunflare (Cubic Pyramid/PT) + Lord Summerisle (ES)
19th of September, Bunker, Barcelona, 6

There are some bands that we book without hesitating one second. Sunflare is one of the few, and each time we bring them we look forward more. Sunflare make psychedelic noise reminding bands as Mainliner or Comets on Fire, and their live shows are the most impressive ones we provide. The band combines intensity with virtuosity in a manner almost beyond comprehension, calling attention of many labels and bookers. Their next 12" called Ghetto Blast was just released on Bat Shit records. Supported by a small European tour including Incubate Festival.

Lord Summerisle
New rock-trio from Barcelona. You can see here influences of Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Pentagram or more progressive stuff like King Crimson, or Circle (saving distances). This is how they jam!


Steve Gunn (Three Lobed Recordings/US) + TBA 
13th of October, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 6€

Steve Gunn
Steve Gunn is not just yet another acoustic guitarist playing Miscelanea. Compared to the others he does not just play the guitar very well, he also writes very nice songs. The songs of the Canadian artist are experimental blues-guitar oriented, listen to some of the songs posted below to confirm for yourself that this is a gig not to be missed!

Thursday, July 5, 2012



I'm really sorry for the lack of information of our next gig!
We've been quite busy with our daily-job and also working for the next season.

Anyway, today, the awesome label AMDISCS will land in Barcelona and offer us 3 acts.
We're putting up the gig with Relampago. Tickets are 6 euros and it starts at 20h sharp. Seems will be a summer rainy day in Barcelona, so Miscelanea will be your perfect shelter for today.

See you later!

Golden Axehttp://goldenaxe.bandcamp.com/

Horse Headhttp://bighlittleh.bandcamp.com/