Thursday, May 17, 2012


In cooperation with Cristian Subirà we are very proud to present three amazing acts taking place in Miscelanea next week. On top of the bill are Lucky Dragons (Marriage/US) a band who most of you will know already, including their reputation for creating unforgettable live shows in which they involve the public. They will be supported by, on the one hand a cooperation between Sunny Graves (Jahbitat/Narhwal/BCN) & IVDB (US), and, on the other hand, Summer Recreation Camp (Foehn/Narwhal/BCN). 

8 euros / starts at 20h, sharp!

Poster by  Vasco Valentim -

Lucky Dragons

Lucky Dragons do not only make great records, they also make great live shows. Their music consists of carefully constructed layers that merge into beautiful atmospheres. Normally this doesn't really guarantee very exciting live shows. But nothing is less true for Lucky Dragon shows. In many of their shows they involve the public into the performance, often resulting in a collective party.

Sunny Graves & IVDB 

This act will be an exclusive cooperation by Simon Williams and Ivy Barkakati who both amazed us on earlier shows already. Sunny Graves is the new solo project of Simon Williams, his first show in Barcelona in Apolo was a great succes. Ivy also debuted in the scene the same night as one part of the band Vactor, and enchanted the public with her synths and beats. The combination of the two provides us something to look forward too.

Summer Recreation Camp

Summer Recreation Camp is the solo project of Cristian Subirà, one half of the barcelonese duo Narwhal.
He just released a great new record called Cosmic Holiday (see link below) which is exactly what listening
to his music is. With samples and processed guitar he will take you on a trip out there you don't wanna miss
out on.