Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ciclo Sidewalk in Miscelanea! Bitchin Bajas, Lucrecia Dalt, Ensemble Economique, Bradien and Umberto!!!

The last months we have been preparing a little series of nights in Miscelanea. In the tradition of small and intimate concerts in Miscelanea, we can confirm 5 artists divided over three nights that are going to prepare this recipe with perfection! Get yourself a ticket for the whole series for 12 euros, or buy individual tickets for your preferred night for 6 euros.

Friday 6th of April: Bitchin Bajas (Important Records/CAVE/USA) + Lucrecia Dalt (BCN)
The first night will see a side-project of two members of the awesome krautrock band CAVE: Bitchin' Bajas. The songs of their last record 'Water Wrackets' are called Water 1, Water 2, Water 3, Water 4, Water 1 (reprise) and Water 2 (reprise). This might seem boring at first, but Bitchin Bajas show with their analogue synths and organs how interesting and exciting repetition and getting deeper into the structures of sounds can be. Psychedelic music in its full power.

The night will be opened by Lucrecia Dalt a Colombian artist residing in Barcelona. She released the amazing record Congost in 2011, that you just keep putting back on. Her live shows make the old barrier between studio and stage fade away.  With her voice and expanding the register of her bass with many electronic artefacts she creates enveloping mental states and ambiences that will surely enchant the audience next friday!

Wednesday 11th of April: Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun/USA) + Bradien (BCN)
The last record of Ensemble Economique on Not Not Fun directly catches you. His music has mystery all over it, while at the same time not compromising on the quality of the music. It is refreshing with so many acts that try to create mystery by aestethics, to find one that manages to achieve that by just making music. Maybe his music is summarized best by the name of one of his songs: "To Feel The Night As It Really Is"

Bradien was the first live show one of us saw in Barcelona. The show consisted of instrumental music a la Yo La Tengo that makes you smile and appreciate live instrumental music again. It will be great to relive this feeling again in two weeks time. Bradien collaborated with Bill Wells, John Giorno and are now having a side-proyect with the catalan poet Eduard Escoffet.

Friday 13th of April: Umberto (Not Not Fun/USA)
Umberto makes music that sounds like horror-movie soundtracks. The good thing is that his music undoubfully has groove and depth by incorporating krautrock and drone elements into his songs. His label Not Not Fun everybody knows by now, and everybody should know Umberto, who seems to become one of the most succesful artists of the label.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello!! Two outstanding artists are coming to Spain next month!
Umberto and Ensemble Economique are playing Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia!
Check dates below. More info for the Barcelona gigs soon!

Umberto (Not Not Fun/Sonic Meditations/US) -
10.04 - La Residencia, Valencia (+ Ensemble Economique)
11.04 - Nasti, Madrid (+ Reserva Espiritual de Occidente)
13.04 - Miscelanea, Barcelona

Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun/Dekorder/US) -
10.04 - La Residencia, Valencia (+ Umberto)
11.04 - Miscelanea, Barcelona (+ Bradien)
12.04 - Nasti, Madrid

Thursday, March 15, 2012


We already have the poster!
Thanks so much Vasco -

Also, tickets are finally available for pre-sale.
You can buy it in Discos Paradiso (c/ Ferlandia, 39) or via web in Codetickets!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gala Drop (Golfchannel) + Sunny Graves live (Narwhal/Jahbitat) + Vactor live (Arnau Sala/IVDB) + DJ Gonzo (DNA Club) in La 2 de Apolo, 28th of March

We proudly present a night in La 2 de Apolo, Barcelona, with some amazing acts from the Iberian peninsula: Gala Drop, Sunny Graves and Vactor. On top of that DJ Gonzo (D.N.A. club) will make the time between the gigs more than enjoyable. It will be a combination of an act that has proven itself the last years in Barcelona, Gala Drop, and the first live shows of two new projects by people that have proven themselves very much in the local scene, Sunny Graves and Vactor. It will be a very danceable night that we are very much looking forward to!

Tickets will be 7 euros in pre-sale or 9 euros at the door.
You can buy them in Discos Paradiso (Calle Ferlandina, 9) or online in Codetickets

Facebook event

Gala Drop was one of the revelations of the last edition of Primavera Club, and delivered a very danceable show in MOOG the last time we brought them to Barcelona. Since their performance in Primavera Club they recorded a record together with Ben Chasny of Six Organs Admittance, making the material they present even better. See the link below for a taste of the record that will be released at the end of the Month.

Sunny Graves is the new solo project of Simon Williams. Simon has been very active in the local music scene first as Jahbitat and later also as one half of the band NARWHAL together with Cristian Subirà (Summer Recreation Camp). This show will be the first live show of Sunny Graves in Barcelona, which given the quality of his earlier projects is a must see. Check out some recordings below:

Vactor is a project of Ivy and Arnau Sala (Les Aus/Béstia Ferida) who met each other in 2011, sparking a collaboration between the two. The proyect merges influences of both, synths shocking with surreal beats, where the hiss of tape and saturation embrace repetitive melodies. Their first demo has been recorded in time spent jointly, but mostly isolated from the rest of the world in Maryland.