Friday, September 16, 2011


We finally confirmed KWJAZ in Barcelona next October! The gig will be in Miscelanea with the local band Espanya.

KWJAZ is a project from Peter Berends. Until last year he solely released one cassette on his label Brunch Groupe which was such mindblowing material. Turns out that the tape sold out instantly and that it was reissued this September by Not Not Fun on vinyl for a worldwide edition of the music. In less than 10 days, the vinyl was also sold out in places like Boomkat and Picadilly Records!

He'll be releasing a split record with Joe Knight's Rangers (with who he collaborates regularly) and a bunch more stuff later this year.

He is coming for an European tour and you can also catch him in Madrid, at the new Space Cadet nights, and in the outstanding OUT.FEST in Barreiro, Portugal.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


We are really glad to announce a gig of two great musicians: Norberto Lobo and Caballo.
It will be on the 25 of September and this time with the collaboration of our friend Gonzo (DNA Club).

It will take place at the Centro Galego de Barcelona (La Rambla, 35-37).
The gig starts at 21:00 and tickets are just 7 euros and 5 euros for the members of CGB.

Norberto Lobo is one of the finest guitarist i've heard in a while.
He has been able to take advantage of several traditions and put them under his own vision, evoking the art of Portuguese guitarrist Carlos Paredes, the echoes of the delicated sambas of Paulinho da Viola or reminding John Fahey or Charley Patton, all accompanied by a sincere appreciation and empathy with all that comes with being a professional musician.

Caballo is the bastard child of the duo Cuchillo and borns as a solo project born of Israel Marco, where he unleashes his dark side and experimental side. Caballo rides solo between krautrock, the most cavernous ambient and noise.

Without underestimating all our gigs, i think this will be one of the best ones so far!

myspace norberto lobo
myspace caballo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We just confirmed Ivyfuuur, The Polimonstre to play with Maria Minerva at the Barcelona gig.
They are a dark dream folk band from Barcelona with really cool tunes. Check it here

Tickets will be the same price (5 euros) but the gig will star a bit earlier, at 21:00.
As we told before, the gig has to finish at 22:30 max so there won't be many delays.

Vasco is on vacations right now so the poster can't be uptaded yet. I guess sunday or monday we might have it!