Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gala Drop (Golfchannel) + Sunny Graves DJ (Jahbitat/Narwhal)+ Gonzo DJ (D.N.A. club) @ MOOG, Barcelona, 15th of June, 21:30h

We are very happy to announce that this June we will bring one of the best and renowned Portuguese bands to Barcelona: Gala Drop. Their show full of experimental electronics and guitars, creating amazing kraut-rock and psychadelic ambiances, will be supported by Sunny Graves (Jahbitat/Narwhal) who will present his latest creations and by Gonzo dj (D.N.A. club). The night will prepare you well for Sonár, which kicks off the day after.

The show will be in Moog and tickets will be just 6 euros.

Check out the info about Gala Drop, a band that made it into the Resident Advisor recommended list, the reference website for electronic music, with their last EP Overcoat Heat. Philip Sherburne introduced them as follows:

"Gala Drop are a four-piece from Lisbon, Portugal; after their self-titled, double-vinyl debut last year, they make their first appearance on New York's Golf Channel Recordings. Panda Bear recently invited them to open for him there, which isn't surprising; their music is imbued with the same psychedelic sensibility that you might find in Animal Collective, El Guincho, Delorean, John Talabot, Four Tet, or even James Holden."

To get a taste of it, here is a video for a song of their latest EP Overcoat Heat, Drop:

DROP (from Gala Drop) from Antonio Contador on Vimeo.

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Also listen to some of Sunny Graves' music here: 
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